22 thoughts on “The Art Of Teamwork: Left 4 Dead 2 Versus

  1. i dint watch the whole video but i can tell things ur doing wrong

    as a survivor u should be sharp u should know where special infected are by their grunting voices

    u left coach in the ground rather than helping him which buys the infected team a dozzens of time to punish you

    u and ur team werent equally together 3 is front 1 is back all the way which infected can punish easily

    u should block infected spawns by blocking the view where they going to spawn

    when the tank music hits the survivors should go back in a big space to deal with the tanks

    now as infected

    u and ur teammates should all attack together and die at the sametime meaning all infected spawn at the sametime saving all the time

    you should support ur teammates and the teammates should support you

    never go out alone wait for ur teammates to spawn

    as a boomer u need distractions and need to find the perfect time to vomit on the survivors

    as a boomer it is not nessesary for the boomer to go first

    u spawn very far away meaning the survivors can easily hear u where u are

    as a spitter u should support hunter smoker charger and jockey, spitter is the most punishing infected yet u guys dint use it correctly, after boomer hits survivor with his vomit best for the spitter to show up

    smoker cant do anything alone best for hunter or jockey to stay with him

    for high chance of a successful charge best use charger in small places making survivors an easy target

    it is not nessesary for the charger to charge from far away

    if charger hits 3 or 4 survivors the rest of the survivors are easy target for any other infected except for spitter

    as a tank best to wait for the survivors to take an action

    as a tank wait for ur teammates to attack all together which buys more time for tank to come to the survivors

    it is an very important job for the special infected support the tank

    i can go all the way but it is enough for today hope u understand the game now

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