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In this pro Dota 2 patch guide, coach Speeed covers the BIGGEST buffs and nerfs which will shape the meta in the latest gameplay update, patch 7.22c! Learn the best top heroes to dominate in the new meta – Speeed will cover the buffs to Enchantress and Lich, as well as the latest batch of updates to hit Chen.
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23 thoughts on “The BIGGEST NERFS and BUFFS of Patch 7.22c – Lich OP? Chen still BROKEN? | Dota 2 Meta Guide

  1. In this patch guide for the latest gameplay update of 7.22c, Speeed takes a closer look at the biggest buffs and nerfs to rollout and shape the meta!

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  2. In regards to Chen: Holy Persuasion still hasn't recovered completely from the nerfs of 7.19. The bonus movement speed is a long time coming, and it helps the creeps stay relevant into the midgame, which is huge. However, as far as laning is concerned, you still get screwed by Satyr Tormentors and Goblin Netters (or whatever they're called). These are two creeps that you really need to be able to persuade by hero level 3 for laning pressure, but you can't because of the creep level requirement. By the time you hit level 5, the laning phase will be largely over (or about to end).

    For whatever reason, you can still take lightning bats, wildwings, and centaurs very early on. The Centaur is now the unquestionable best creep to convert in general, and the electric bat is (and always has been) the best harassment creep for the laning phase. So the fact that you can take the bat at level ONE, but have to wait till level FIVE to get the Satyr makes zero sense. Same thing with being able to take the Centaur at level 3, but have to wait till 5 to get the Netter.

    The health regen aura is great but the "bonus healing" property doesn't fit the bread and butter of his kit outside of his ult and optional items, so it should probably be a +1/2/3/4 armor bonus instead (only for Chen, his units, and allied heroes).

    The creep level requirement progression should probably be 5/6/6/6. Agh's Scepter should just do something else entirely because its one of the more expensive items and it doesn't do enough that's reliable now that there are fewer Ancient camps on the map. Also the new -30 second Divine Favor cooldown talent is hot garbage and needs to be replaced, so alternatively that could be the thing that enables Ancient persuasion.

  3. I would prefer to have the old Tinker talent. GPM talents are only good if they are level 10, or if they are a crazy amount on a hero that can't farm. Tinker can farm and doesn't need a GPM talent at 15. The 30 movement speed along with Boots of Travel was crazy good.

  4. So now bristleback is broken. I don't get this icefrog balancing… it's like it wasn't him anymore. Just buff the unpopular heroes and nerf the meta ones forever.

  5. that background music had me pause your video about 5 times just to check if some phone is not ringing in the office… good old fasion trolling

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