43 thoughts on “"The Play" – Multicam Edition

  1. They storm up the riverPatience from ZhouWaiting in the wakeNaVi's about to be caughtOh, there's the sleep, the surgeHe catches everyoneOh, this could be a total disaster
    Vacuum inRavage on everyoneThe Blackhole as wellLight of Heaven, it turns it aroundRavage as wellStolen by DendiAre you kidding meThey turned it around4 heroes deadFor IG

  2. 2018 still the best play ever on dota2 the " Perfect Execution " of IG yet the massive counter Play of Navi .

  3. I think iG should've saved the song to escape and initiated with the stun since they're invi'd up. Great counterplay from Na'Vi.

  4. I always back to this video… I always go back to what makes me bad… Is incredible to saw NaVi un his old times… I always believe that NaVi returns to that moment 🙂

  5. How smart dendi is after he forcestaff,he then stuns lina prevent her from followups and stole ravage and use it. Legend indeed!

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