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The ULTIMATE FACELESS VOID Guide: PRO Carry Tips to RANK UP and RAMPAGE | Dota 2 Guide

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In this Dota 2 pro guide, coach Speeed covers Faceless Void in the carry role and the best tips and tricks you need to RAMPAGE and CARRY HARD in ranked solo queue! Use these Immortal gameplay tips to rank up fast and steal some easy MMR as one of the all-time top carry picks.

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  1. GameLeap Dota 2 Pro Guides

    In this guide, Speeed covers Faceless Void and how YOU can crush your ranked games with the purple pub stomper!
    Join NOW! – Learn from the Pros and gain +1000 MMR. Check us out at a 25% discount!

  2. Mon Munez

    Please make a vid of Fnatic DJ enigma of their elims match. Please explain if those black holes that he commited are mistakes or the opponent just outsmarted them

  3. gg_no_re

    Mask of madness isnt greedy at all, going a battlefury is pretty bad on void and just having mael doesnt give you solo killing potential.

  4. gg_no_re

    I've switched from spamming storm spirit to spamming faceless void. Got really tired of playing storm(700 games with him alone) and void is my go to for climbing ez mmr.

  5. Charlie Cha0z_K1n9

    Dude this Pepega ass hero is either bash LUL or bash script… also, if Bash was physical damage instead of magic this hero would be better, other than that it's just some dumb setup hero

  6. Michael Olawoye

    FV is so OP in lower ranks because his passive and MoM can solo kill a lot of heroes, so 2 or 3 people need to kill him mid game.

  7. Pinnacle Joe

    bro this video helped me so much, i hopped in a void game after watching this and destroyed bristleback 1v1 in my lane

  8. Ron Cui

    Thats not really a pro tip lol 😂he cant even win doom and ogre they have a range supp and idk why void is focusing on creeps and didnt even help disruptor in 3:21 they could have killed him but what i really dont know is this void focusing on farm and lettinh doom agro on him while he can agro him in the first place with disruptor im a immortal player so i know how to use void and agro melee heroes peace ✌️

  9. Bake Yasha89

    When i pick am they always pick void or bs i am rly tired of this and they use their ultis only me it is so annoying btw report disrupter

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