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24 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to Jungle Techies : DotA 2 Guides

  1. I seen this jungling on purge's channel. Its better to act lane till lv 5 when your mine is at lv 3, setting mines around the enemies jungle,giving for carry solo lane at the same time and possibly killing. At the same time stacking the ancients. This makes a better position for your team.

  2. I would ignore leveling stasis trap early on, try and max mines and after you've got soul ring, maybe arcane/bottle as well, start laying mines in their jungle in the frequent travel patterns.

  3. this is totally not worth it. it wouldn't work in a real game. too many things would go wrong. I like to go Suicide squad + boots at level 1 and go for first blood!

  4. Even before Techies were released I never went all the way into the middle of the side shops to purchase an item, I'd simply run into the edge of the Shop's range in the entrance closest to my tower and bought the stuff in my quick buy, as there's always a creep to last hit/deny. So I'd suggest not mining the cornershops the way shown in the video, but mining the entrance instead.

  5. Here's a huge flaw with this plan, Dota has a system where if you do not get XP every 5 minutes you will get an abandon. So if you're even slightly late you'll abandon just trying this.

  6. Mack – can you do a jungle lone druid 100% optimized guide? Like REALLY show the strength of that hero in the jungle (for pubs, I'm sure he's better in offlane for competitive but I'm not in that .0001%). I know you can get a 16 min radi in the jungle but I'm really interested to see as to what you can come up with

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