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28 thoughts on “The Witcher 2 (Part 1) First time playing

  1. Doesn't matter how much an e-girl looks like Jadzia Dax, chums giving her 100 bux like some FinDom paypigs is a sad sight to behold.

  2. Hi Meghan Yeah, I'm first time to play this game too and my game crashed also like yours 3:38:25 while I'm doing recording. its bad when it crashed, I don't save the game very often last time.

  3. Do you play Wtcher 2… or Witcher 2 Enchenced Edition? I think that mods used in this play through are messing up graphics. I think that vanilla was better and there are ocasional glithes right now and some excesive unstable blur. Please try to iron out these issues for better experience 😉

  4. The moaning sounds in the background at the beginning had me dying when i played this back in the 360 days. I was at my friend's house and he was napping, he awoke up to move into a different position and just he did, the game random played this specific one heard at 7:10 and he started laughing even though he was half asleep. As i mentioned, i already found the noise to be funny but when he started laughing, i completely lost it. I was not expecting him to do that but he did and made the whole occurrence even funnier Lol, it was too much for me to handle. XD

  5. 21:27 LOL

    If I remember the book correctly that guy is the one who groped yennefer?

    In the 2nd short story collection if i'm not mistaken,in short they were trying to kill the dragon,but no one want to split the prize,since witcher do not kill dragons geralt won't do it,but after yennefer convince him that she need it geralt agree,at one point yennefer gank up with these guy beat geralt and tie him up,after some conversation and stuff these guy immediately turn to yennefer with the help of their dwarf friend who threw small iron ball to yennefer forehead make her tremble and bleed and tie her up before she even able to react and cast spells,then one of them (their leader I think) tore the collar of yennefer coat ripped her blouse then groped her breast and said we will have fun later after we kill the dragon and the worse is…. geralt is watching the whole thing what they do to yennefer and can't do anything….luckily the golden dragon prove too much for this guy,they failed and flee to the forest,geralt even have to burn some of yennefer skin in order to freeing yennefer and himself by using the igni sign while he was tied up.

    The book is fucked up I will not recommend anyone who play the witcher to read it,because it will change your perspective about the character,however some of the books are really good if you want to know more about the background story of the character…the game is beautiful version of witcher story,since its not cannon,CD REKT can make up the story as they pleased,which is not bad at all.

  6. LMAO Triss is the "good" one. Witcher 1 and 2 only show how rotten Triss is. But she is a great character but far below Yen.

  7. it seems to me next game will be The Witcher 1 !!! Godspeed, Meghan!) and thank you for your streams!) u r the best!))

  8. I would like to see Meghan playing Bloodborne or Dark Souls 3. PS: The Witcher 3 is by far the best game ever created!!

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