45 thoughts on “The Witcher 2 Video Review

  1. What to do after completing witcher 2.
    1. play witcher 3
    2. Play on deathmarch
    3. Play new game plus
    4.think about the 200 hours you spent on the game.
    5.Buy blood and wine/Hearts of stone
    6.cry about the 75 hours you used up
    7. Get your memory wiped
    9. Repeat all those steps
    10. Once u completed step 9 do it again

  2. I can't figure out why this game wasn't released on the PS3. I'm shocked that a game like this actually skipped a Playstation console. I don't have the Xbox 360, so I was never able to play this. The Witcher III: Wild Hunt was the only one I was able to play. And I LOVED that.

  3. I cant for the life of me understand the hype, everything is a boring chore. The graphics is pathetic and the gameplay is almost as bad as Risen 2. WTF is the fans smoking?

  4. I had bought an Xbox One last year and with that, I think I’ll try Witcher 2. After Witcher 3, how can I not? And I say Xbox because I don’t have much confidence that my average PC could run this decently enough. 😂

  5. If you pick it up, start out the game on Normal difficulty, because its quite hard with no upgrades or skills, but if it gets too easy, you can always increase the difficulty to Hard or Dark Mode in the Settings 😉

  6. So true. You have to be patient with the witcher series. You're either completely a hardcore fan of the series or you don't play it. There are no casual witcher players.

  7. I hate jumping into games late in the series, but idk about these games. My 360 is still laying around somewhere if I ever want to try it out again I guess.

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