TNC vs Cloud 9 C9 WESG 2016 Highlights Dota 2 – Grand Final
C9 Cloud9 vs TNC Pro Team WESG Dota 2 World Electronic Sports Games 2016 [All Games] Bo3 15.01.2017
Commentary by @ODPixel & @MerliniDota Follow Full VODs: WESG Youtube:
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Team TNC Pro Team: Raven, Kuku, Sam_H, ryOyr, Tims.
Team Cloud 9 C9: Ace, BabyKnight, HeStEJoE-RoTTeN, NoiA, Ryze.
Tournament – WESG 2016 Dota 2.
Participants: Horde, Cloud 9, Alliance, Team Ukraine UA, Comanche, Team Romania, Fantastic Five F5, Infamous, MVP Revolution, Signature.Trust, TNC Pro Team, S1 Lykos, DUOBAO Young, Bravado Gaming, Dark Passage, Team X-BET, SG e-sports, Team Dilecom, T Show, Vultur, Team One Ecuador.
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41 thoughts on “TNC vs Cloud 9 800k💲Grand Final WESG Highlights Dota 2

  1. Я один в ах*е, 10я с лишним игра где Tims один тащить на Earth Spirite, а эти дебилы не банят его. Забанили CM хотя имеют столько стоперов против нее. Слишком тупо и уныло

  2. Asia server isn't toxic because of pinoy players.. but because majority of players in the Asia server are kids that skip school just to play dota2.. #StayInSchoolKids

  3. As a person who primarily plays league of legends, DOTA 2 looks ridiculous LMAO…shit flying everywhere, constant fighting like bruh.

  4. I need to see miracle, dendi, or sumail play on sea server pls it would be hillarious. If you find a match pls upload it on yt I want to watch lol

  5. bitterness from malays and other sea people is in the air again.. because they thought pinoy is noob how sad for them sore lossers =((

  6. What is in the blademail when using it on QoP? The caster always says that "his back again with his health with his blademail". Hmm kinda don't understand that statement though

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