TNC vs Liquid TI9 The International 2019 Highlights Dota 2 TI 9 Shanghai Main Event #TI9 Playoff ➜ Watch Live: ► Commentary by @ODPixel & @Foggeddota ◄ 💟 Subscribe for more: ➜ ▼ 21.08.2019 [Full Highlights] Bo3 – Lower Bracket Elimination Round 2 TOP 8 Playoff
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Team TNC Predator TNC Dota 2: Gabbi, Armel, Kuku, Eyyou, Tims.
Team Liquid Dota 2: Miracle-, w33haa, MinD_ContRoL, KuroKy, GH.
Tournament – The International 2019 Shanghai TI9 Dota 2 Highlights TI 9 China – Main Event Playoff TI9 #theinternational2019
Group A: Team Liquid, TnC Predator TNC Dota 2 Pro Team, Team Secret, NewBee, PSG.LGD LGD Gaming, Mineski Mski, Chaos Esports Club, The Alliance, KG Keen Gaming.
Group B: Evil Geniuses Team EG, NaVI Natus Vincere, VP Virtus.Pro, Fnatic, Team OG, NiP Ninjas in Pyjamas, INF Infamous, RNG Royal Never Give Up, VG Vici Gaming.
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44 thoughts on “TNC vs Liquid TI9 [TOP 8] $850,000 The International 2019 Highlights Dota 2

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    Beginning of Games:

    Game 1: 00:00, Game 2: 12:05

  2. pignoy is all same..they at same stage..noob stage..even play in ti they always talk big..chatweel everytime they got kill..such a dog..liquid dont even chatweel to tnc..becoz they not same lvel as pignoy

  3. Puro kayu bash Hindi sa pag mamayabang ako di ako magaling sa laro nayan pero kong magagaling kayu itry nyu maka laro sa international

  4. Pag panalo kunware TNC pag talo pang aasar. Yan ang ugaling Pinoy kaya tayo nanatiling mahirap dahil sa ugaling yan. BALIMBING!

  5. pinoy talaga imbes sumuporta naninira pa… kung magaling kayong mag laro at magaling kayong mag pick bakit hanggang comment lang kayo… hahaha nakakatawa… mga archon…

  6. Alam mo ung sampong taon ka nang pro sa larong to pero kahit mag top 3 manlang. D umaabot? Thats pinoy basically. Puro ingay. Kulang sa galaw.
    At least daw uuwi ng may 40m? Taena. Musta prize money pag nag top 3 ka manlang hmm? As always. Pinoy doto is fucking shit. Not to mention fucking racist and toxic. Buti nalang nagquit na ko sa basurang larong to

  7. Liquid have a weird tactic, they give tnc a kill win at the early game and then destroyed them at the 15minute the meaning is they played pycologic tnc roster, make their pyscolog down

  8. To play in the World stage of Dota! TNC is still young! Marami pang tournament! As expected to the Veteran liquid. Cmon guys… its Liquid for godsakes! Kahit pinoy ako Im wishing for TNC to win but up against a very very strong team like Liquid? Let's be happy they made it this far in the tournament! Gratz TNC! You did very well… nilalagay nyo pangalan ng Pilipinas sa mundo!

  9. I like how these Filipino bashers hate TNC, they walked away with 40M, complaining about their toxicness even though they are one too.

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