26 thoughts on “TNC vs VG – WHAT A GAME! – TI9 THE INTERNATIONAL 2019 DOTA 2

  1. Happy to know these Chinese didnt won TI9.
    Chinese crowds so unprofessional biased and uneducated.
    They even followed TNC on their suite room just to yell at them and harass them.. thats too much, they cant move on on Chingchong trashtalk crybaby.
    They deserve to lose TI on their homecourt.

  2. Looks like there are other nationalities and some Filipinos that can't stand the trashtalk that Filipino players spit, and sometime I too feel irritated, and I'm also a Filipino. But if you want to talk trash back to us, aim it at the players, not the entire Filipino Race. Don't be racist.

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