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In this pro Dota 2 guide, coach Speeed covers his picks for the top 5 BEST most BROKEN heroes you MUST PLAY to rank up fast in the patch 7.22f meta! Use these pro meta tips to win more games and carry hard by picking the best heroes, from Chaos Knight to Riki! Good luck on your climb to Immortal with this meta tier list guide backing you up!
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40 thoughts on “Top 5 BROKEN Heroes you MUST PLAY in Patch 7.22F – Pro Tips to RANK UP | Dota 2 Meta Guide

  1. As a brewmaster guy i’m not sure how good ck really is considering one of my spells deletes his ult entirely. Plus everyone likes using earthshaker now, and he will suffer from that

  2. clinkz is super broken right now. His ult is an automatic kill eveyrtime its off CD, his aghs is ridiculous and he has one of the best 25 talents in the game. Hes squishy early but if you build some STR you can be super hard to kill with windwalk and his high armor

  3. If I Abbadon offlane I buy ROB and some consumables then go for madness early, then disassemble it later and build echo and vlad. The madness' movement speed/attack speed bonus (when paired with phase boots) gives you a lot of early game kill potential plus a way to farm a bit faster. Basically I only build madness so I can rush vlad. Early ROB gives a little mana regen and armor to make sure you are tankier and always have mana for shield and also serves as an already purchased requirement for vlad.

    I rarely go for urn, DOE or medallion when I abba offlane because those have drawbacks. Urn requires a kill nearby to have charges so if you're alone in lane kills are close to impossible, while medallion sacrifices your own armor to apply a minus armor buff on enemy so if they trilane you or when your supports rotate and leave, you'll end up hugging your tower instead of flash farming neutrals. Going for early DOE isn't that useful either especially if your enemy team goes trilane on your offlane and you're are solo. It wouldn't look logical to pop your drum charges just to run away from enemy because you ain't the running man. You would be like building items for running and not for dota. Building DOE only works if you are the one trilaning. Btw Those items are useful items to have if you go abbadon pos 5 or 4.

    What I usually do with madness is I apothic first and only activate madness once enemy gets silenced so that he'll not throw skills at me. I basically force them to throw skills when I have apothic shield on me to mitigate damage. I then decide whether to recast shield and back off or recast shield then activate madness and fight. Remember, Items depend entirely on play style so it doesn't mean that it worked fine for me it will work for everybody. There's dozens of ways to play Abbadon, this is just my preference.

  4. There is 1 problem with riki, against noobs, it's very good, against sentient players, it's very bad, if you deal with riki early on, he is worthless, your only asset will be to blink strike and smoke screen people if they don't already have bkb

  5. Pos 4 riki
    –00:00 = 3 mango , orb venom , tango
    (Mango provides regen and helps u spam smoke)
    –09:00 = tranquil boots or arcane
    (Tranquil for ez rotation coz of mobility and regen + always bring 2 mangoes or clarity with you or build arcane to spam smoke)

    –15:00–20:00 = rod of atos
    (It just same as diffusal but atos provides mana and stats that provides hp regen, since riki has low hp this item is very good and combo with smoke..also have high cast range than diffusal. . )

    Dont forget to get -8sec smoke cooldown talent and blink cast range at lvl 15 and 20

  6. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh man! im spamming riki offlane 10 days already with 80% winrate, dont make it get nerfed into oblivion once more!

  7. i never played tinker tbh but after this video. My first game I didn't have a good laning stage but went full god mode mid to late game like seriously😂 i need to work more in laning stage any tips?

    edit: I only play Offlane, Roam/support, and safelane. but i play some mid sometimes only with Bloodseeker, Kunkka, Earthshaker (even played ogre magi against a puck and i win the lane😂)

  8. Pos3 Riki is da bomb someone finally has noticed xD I have been playing him pos3 since the health regen/damage buff and have been swimming in MMR, 72% win rate, and a ton of double-up games, I'm heading to immortal boys xD

  9. The change to CKs passive, is indeed crazy strong, he can easily out-harass a melee from lane, Late game he has same issues as always but you can't compare how much easier laning is now

  10. Ok, I'm going to call bs that backstab is bad for creeps. back stab acts like tidebringer and helps with denies. He's one of the absoluste best creep wave tenders. Youtta learn how to play him, it's like fishing just play cool. Don't chase. If you can't tget the kil with a blink strike, one or two right clicks or your ult, just walk away. Unless you have enough farm and catch someone solo

  11. Thank you so much for all the knowledge Speed. You always bring up points and ideas I never think of; or am too scared to explore. Please keep making videos because they make dota much more enjoyable 🙂

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