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In this Dota 2 offlaner guide, coach Speeed covers his picks for the top 5 RULES you MUST KNOW to carry your ranked games from the offlane role! Use these pro tips and tricks to boost your gameplay, win more games, farm MMR and rank up fast as an offlaner!
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37 thoughts on “Top 5 Rules ALL OFFLANERS MUST ABUSE – Best Tips to Carry and Rank Up | Dota 2 Pro Offlane Guide

  1. In this guide, Speeed covers his picks for the top 5 golden rules EVERY offlaner must know to stomp in ranked!

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  2. i think everyone should know who is iceiceice…
    The greatest Offlaner that you could know and i am a great offlaner myself

  3. Techies a lot of times is either a easy win or a long hard lose
    I do agree with you, playing against techies and getting high ground for a T3 is a nightmare, and that's why the game gets longer and longer

  4. One of the very annoying thing about low mmr players is that they dont know when a lane is lost. Take a venomancer offlane for example.
    Lets say youre a solo venomancer against a tusk jug
    Its 7 minutes in, you have 8cs, 0 kills and 3 deaths. The jug just hit level 6
    What would you do?
    Most low mmr players would stick around the lane, trying to get a measly last hit in while the wave is constantly next to their T1 tower because the jug knows how to control the wave and the tusk knows how to pull
    Staying in this lane gives you NOTHING. You have no farm, no exp and are constantly at risk of being killed when gone upon.
    The best play would be to completely abandon the lane and go for your triangle camp. If you managed to recognise a losing lane early, you can probably even outfarm the jug who gets an entire free safelane but either way even if you dont at least you are getting farm and arent feeding
    Time and time again i see low mmr players not abandoning the lane and even CRITICISING(read: flaming) those who actually did the correct play and abandoned it
    The laning phase isnt everything. Recognise what you can do and dont desperately try to lane because thats the "obvious" thing to do

  5. lol , ez to say , better u can answer this , how the fck you can solo survive and last hitting creep vs 3 heroes with disable and nuke ability ? without anyhelp btw.

  6. I don't know what mmr match you watch. But I'm under 2k, and the offlane is just safelane, players just don't care lol

  7. Hey speed i really want to tell this

    My core MMR is 7k and my support is 2.9k what should i do?? Play carry always or play as support

  8. Ever just wish you could convert your vast knowledge of a game you don't play anymore into knowledge of another game?

  9. 10:44 this point here really make me happy by just hearing it, because a lot of lower bracket player ask me as an enigma player to go first while there still some other disabler in the behind like earthsaker, kotl,venge, silencer etc, like dude pls… i can yolo blackhole if i have my bkb

  10. Hey speed can we get a lc guide. The usual blink build isnt working. I saw a few pro games and i saw a variety of itemization-one with medallion another with veil. So i want to know whays the best itemization and how do u utilize it.

  11. I am an offlane god, learned most of these stuff by time, 1- reading enemies. Invoker approaching to cast tornado, blink on him as axe and call. Did the same with Doom.
    The problem is when ppl dont understand what u r doing, foe example i pick axe and the enemies 100% aware that m gonna jump so they keep distance from eachother, but my team pings and spam go go go go why dont u initiate. Late game speaking u need one good call to win a fight, goin in 2nd is a better option. But no ppl spam go go i blink call maybe 2 heroes get euled up, my team is in shock not ready for this scenario, GG

  12. One of the greatest problem wich was holding me back as an offlaner was overthinking to farm or fight i was farming like an antimage taking safe farm and now fighing or fighing like a brute with 100cs at 30 mins and it is one of the gratest problems most low offlaners have.

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