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In this Dota 2 guide, pro coach Speeed covers his picks for the top 5 BEST and most OP heroes that are secretly OVERPOWERED that no one is abusing to solo carry in ranked right now! These these pro meta picks to expand your heropool with sleeper OP picks for the drafting phase, win more games and rank up. WIN more games in the DRAFT by farming your enemies with these BROKEN heroes.
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36 thoughts on “Top 5 SECRETLY OP HEROES: Broken Picks NO ONE USES – Pro Meta Drafting Tips | Dota 2 Guide

  1. In this guide, Speeed picks his top 5 POWERFUL heroes in the meta right now that are unlikely to get nerfed in the next gameplay update!

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    1:01 – Broodmother

    2:52 – Razor

    4:56 – Sniper

    7:03 – Lina

    8:40 – Tidehunter

  2. Yeah no. I paused the moment this numbsack said brood wasn't meta. I'm tired of getting destroyed after all the support players pick single target casters…

  3. Just wanted to ask if the meta is shifting towards more snowbally and ganking meta. I went mid and won my lane in 2 different games but the enemy mid just ganked and snowballed the game so much we couldn't win (he ganked like 3 times tops maybe and snowballed from that). Any thoughts and am i the only one who got faced with this?

  4. It’s pretty nice to be Peruvian a see that you use Hector and ChrisLuck as positive examples, feel proud of SA

  5. no one uses ? because its not op and so easily countered ! you wanna know whats op? tiny – earthshaker and fucking chen ! they're not op? of course you think that your 2K trash
    also io

  6. You should include nightstalker, ive been spamming him in divine rank and destroys alche with solar crest only
    Watch how 33 play, really scary and annoying hero

  7. What about right clicker lina with max fiery Soul first then max stun? I know that heroes like windranger scale better and have more mobility, but would this be a viable build? Maybe maelstorm, shadow blade/hurricane pike, hex?

    I've been tryin this build and destroying the enemy carry early game but I ended up losing my Last 2 games because of severse toxic behaviour by teammates…

  8. hardest counter to brood mother = Mars.
    if there is mars in the enemy team, just don't, don't f.cking brood mother or u will get absolutely destroyed by mars

  9. My analysis
    1. Brood
    I agree that brood will either just dominate a lane or just be okay. The flaw is brood focus too much on lane rather than ganking. Meta right now mostly needs the pos 2 to gank and create space for pos1. Also brood is greedy on neutral camp, pos1 who loves to farm wont have the chance to farm because of her. Lastly, opponent just need to have a good support like grimstroke and etc that can guard mid tower tand let their mid support while cant push and just farming back to camp.

    2. Razor
    He is a good hero but for many reason he is also bad.
    First, altho u can secure ur lane the flaw is you cant control it because of ur 3rd skills. 2nd, her two skills is pretty much useless if opponent knows how to micro and just kite her. 3rd, razor loves to prolong the clash for him to be effective. But for some reason, clash ends so fast when ur playing in pub.
    3. Sniper
    Mid sniper needs have a lot of attention and also needs his own farm. If there is a sniper mid means less ganking and more farming.it isn't good for this meta :(. People tend to play fast. With two farming core it is very hard to play on mid time game.
    4. Lina
    I couldn't agree more, I also love playing her as pos4. Mobility,attack range and speed, control, burst, can anhilate creep wave easily.

    5. Tidehunter
    No ults= just a walking beast xD

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