We’re back with an all new UPDATED Social App! React Navigation 5! Cloud Firestore! Context! Styled Components! Hooks!

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✅ Building a React Native + Firebase Social App

✅ Taking Designs and Turning them Into Code

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Software Used:
VSCode, React Native, Expo

#reactnative #socialapp

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48 thoughts on “Updating SOCIAL APP with React Nav 5, Hooks, Styled Components & Context! :: Part #1

  1. We back! Yes, I'm still working on the InstaClone course, it's taking longer than I expected, but there is SO MUCH AWESOME STUFF IN IT, it will be worth the wait, I promise!

  2. Thanks for the tutorial,I have learnt a lot from it. I had a question, when I am clicking on uploading a profile photo, I am not able to do it. Plz help……..

  3. @react-navigation/native react-native-gesture-handler react-native-reanimated react-native-screens react-native-safe-area-context @react-native-community/masked-view @react-navigation/stack @react-navigation/bottom-tabs

  4. Hi DesignIntoCode! Thanks for the extraordinary video! I'm having problems with the vector icons, which just wouldn't display(blank). I couldn't find the solution anywhere, and my code is exactly the same as yours. Do you have any idea of how to fix the problem? Thank you very much!

  5. When are you posting the explanatory video? This has been super helpful in my learning progress. I've been going through reasoning through most of it but there are some things that I think I would benefit a lot from hearing you explain the reasoning/ what certain things do.

  6. in App.js file when i put everything inside <FirebaseProvider></FirebaseProvider> I get blank screen, without it everything works fine

  7. I'm getting an invalid hook call warning after placing the useContext inside my LoadingScreen function as you did. Afterwards the screen will not change over from the loading screen to the signup/signin

  8. In the video you got an error saying: ' Can't find variable TextStyle' . I am also getting ReferenceError: TextStyle is not defined, showing the first line of the function in the component Text.js, but I can't dismiss the error like you did because it's showing on the Web. Do you know what's triggering the error?

  9. Hey guys, just to remember to import the useContext from 'react' before writing
    const [user] = useContext (UserContext);

  10. i am getting error " ERROR @signUp : TypeError: firebase.createUser is not a function " in SignupScreen.js file . why is this error and how can i remove this?

  11. tkyou bro..
    i am curently using React Native CLI, how to follow your this tutorial and make some changes when in CLI React Native

  12. expo install @react-navigation/native react-native-gesture-handler react-native-reanimated react-native-screens react-native-safe-area-content @react-native-community/mask-view @react-navigation/stack @react-navigation/bottom-tabs

  13. Hey i have one question more. what is the difference between set firebase in a context or call the functions through a simple js file? Why you use a Context for firebase . Is there a difference? Thank you for your reply.

  14. Thank you for not only this video but for DesignIntoCode . Your videos are very helpful ..Can you please make one video on how we can upload react native project on playstore ?

  15. Hey, thank you for this amazing video. I like your style how you coding stuff. I have now changed my Navigator thank you for that. Now it is more structure in it. But i have now a Problem how i can change for each tab the header style? Like color, icons, title. I try everything out. Only if i set the screenOptions in the AppStack then i can change the header color. But i need this in each tab. Because i want also change the title now everywhere in the header is written Main. Can You please help me out? Thank you.

  16. Great video! I have this yellow error saying: "Setting a timer for a long period of time, i.e multiple minutes, is a perfomance and correctness issue on android as it keeps the time awake, and timers can only be called when the app is in the foreground.". I looked up for this error but I haven't found nothing that could REALLY solve this and understand the issue. Do you have any idea how to correct this?

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