For as long as there have been broadcasts, there have been people trying, against all odds, to steal the spotlight during them. And today, because anyone with a webcam, computer or gaming console is capable of streaming themselves to potentially hundreds and thousands of people at a time – everyone can be the star of their own show.
But with the glory, riches and adulation increased fame can bring, so too comes the risk of drawing unwanted attention. The threat of becoming a target, exposed in the cross-hairs of a stream sniper.
Written & Hosted by: Josh Bury (@ThrownGauntlet)
Shot & Edited by: Miles Hackett (@miles_hackett)
Footage credits:
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Angry football fan
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CJayRide stream sniper clip
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Developer Update | September 2018 | Overwatch
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47 thoughts on “What is Stream Sniping? The Craze Terrorizing Twitch's Biggest Stars

  1. Everyone is just talking about one situation with ninja. No one is taken into account the numerous and I mean numerous times players like shroud, summit, tim, Jericho, I mean for fucks sake Davey a csgo pro had his gf watching the stream of a game he was in so she could relay info to him. 1 person getting wrongly permabanned doesnt mean everyone is fucking innocent

  2. they all deserve what they get… if your going to go and put yourself out there for monetary value… you should expect to be targeted… and a streamer like ninja going as far as using his viewer base and pull to get people banned for trying to kill him… especially when he has a "pay to talk" stream to begin with…. he and others… absolutely deserve every bit of it that they get…

  3. Sniping doesnt exist. Its just streamer wine for people being better then them. Same as racism. It doesnt exist, its just serves as wining tool and tool to get rid of someone who is not ,,confortable". Same as feminism, it doesnt exist, its just ugly women winie about nice chicks on the screen. Sexism doesnt exist… its just some people cannot get laid AND THATS A BIG PROBLEM FOR ALL THE UNIVERSE !!!!

  4. I would be sympathetic if streamers didn't scream "stream sniper" everytime they got outplayed or just plain sucked.

  5. Streamer…sometimes think they own the server and all the player are BoT..they forgot where they srver…

    HOLY SHIT…. a Tano Pasman reference :O

  7. Ahhhhh Deezer and Combatex. Those are some names I havent heard in a long time. I'm almost proud of them for being the very first infamous streamsnipers… nvm nah fuck those guys lmao

  8. i wanna interact with people but not interact
    i wanna make money but i hate work
    i wanna pedestal myself and be mad when someone reacts negatively

    i hope it never ends, its a gauntlet of social gatekeepers that uphold mores better than any elected body, dont be wierd dont be gross, dont be scummy and dont be greedy, because the very crops you subsist on as a social parasite, are the ones doing this stuff.
    The people that care enough to engage and spend time are the same people willing to dump buckets of dosh on ebeggars.

    And dont use the spotlight metaphor, a spotlight is something the stage direction/tech puts ON someone, it is a legitimizer, streamers and ebeggars are clearly putting it on themselves. If anything, the spotlight in this scenario is the attention of the public at large. They should feel blessed to have their negative contribution to the world legitimized in any way at all really.

    The fact that so many of these IM FAMOUS ON THE CHILDRENS INTERNET, people are the ones getting stream sniped bullied and fucked with validates the notion that they dont reflect the mores and norms of the generation they foist themselves upon. When the market reacts negatively you typically see a rebranding/product alignment/new copy/demo outreach in any business, these people dont want to have to do that, business owner is just something they put on emails and tax forms.
    They want the same sanctimonious pedestal that the media they are slowly and meekly, but surely choking out, has, and they want to be ennured from the backlashes and stick n pokes that actual human interaction entails.

    Do you see mounds of videos of comedians pleading CRYING that they dont want to be heckled, going so far as to walk out when someone laughed at them? See boxers walking out in round 9 because that guy in section j keeps jeering him? Dont see many clowns getting in a tiff for being made a joke of? Dont often see bands walking off stage when the crowd sings along with them.
    They forget themselves, they will have no pomp and no circumstance, they are generously called entertainers, minstrels, bards, clowns at best.
    All good entertainers know audience participation is god.
    And if they dont like entertaining people live then they can just fucking stop, maybe stretch their wings by actually creating something rather than filming themselves consuming the work of others.

    of COURSE theres a video crying about this

  9. As a streamer i can tell you that you've to accept being sniped ! It's part of the game and i always take it positivily when somebody tries to snipe me ! Never forget it's just a game AND we're supposed to have fun.

  10. "Oh look I can't make monies by playing vidya because I'm telling the entire world where I am and what am I doing in game and always get shot in the face. So unfair. Boo-hoo". It's like posting your bank account details online and blaming the whole world for your own brainlessness when your life savings are gone. New level of whiny bratty manchildren. Your parents failed you miserably.

  11. Ninja and many other streamers cant deal with the fact that other players are better than them and they think they are the best just because they have more power by being famous and they abuse it

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