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32 thoughts on “Who would Hara like to be a partner with? Runningman Ep. 388 with EngSub

  1. Jonghyun then sulli then hara. All of them have been casted in RM 😔
    Feel bad for their families, friends and fans 💔

  2. Why?…… she’s so cute I’m too late I’m not into korean celebrities but these angels really breaks my heart when sulli and hara died they had an amazing best friend relationship.. and now I’m starting to get interested with korean culture after I heard the news.. RIP BEAUTIFUL HARA.

  3. well kang mina was there…remember hotel de luna…u know what i mean…goid bye goo hara….ill always remember kara and butt dance…

  4. Hara used to be a lot more energetic and competitive than in this show. She was so warm and bright in G7 compare to this … she spaced out almost the entire time. Arh…….I feel so sad….I wish I could have done something to cheer her up.

  5. Maybe she end her pain but she forget that she will transfer her pain to her friends and family. Why 2 angels like Sully and Hara end their life. Its hard believe this. RIP🙏

  6. It is funny that every time an artist dies people start watching their Old Videos.
    Like why are you coming now and watching them, instead of supporting them from the very beginning!?

  7. 자살을 중지하십시오. 유대교, 기독교 및 이슬람 교리에 따라 자살로 죽으면 천국에 갈 수 없습니다.

  8. hara looks different in here.. she like doesnt have any energy or happy anymore.. just force to do that.. not when she was in invicible youth.. iam sorry if my grammar so bad.. 😊

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