Power Play (2012): In villages across Germany the people have seized power by generating enough renewable energy to supply their needs. But with the government cutting subsidies to small producers will this green revolution run out of steam?

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Following the Chernobyl disaster a community around Schönau in the Black Forest decided to buy their local plant and turn it into a co-operative. Now the villagers power themselves with solar or wind energy and then sell the excess to the national grid. “We started because we wanted to help, but then it became ecoomically interesting for all those who invested.” After the Fukishima incident, Chancellor Merkel pledged to close the country’s nuclear reactors and naturally, this boosted interest in the Schönau scheme. However, the government recently announced a 30% reduction in subsidies to small energy producers, stifling similar green communities across the country. “The phasing out of nuclear energy cannot be achieved without subsidising renewable energy”. As anger amongst environmental activists swells, has the influence of large energy companies again infected national politics?

SBS Australia – Ref. 5500

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25 thoughts on “Will Germany's Green Revolution Run Out Of Steam?

  1. South Australia has its Mega Tesla Battery bank that cost a heap and can provide all of South Australia’s power for………………..less than 4 minutes. That’s right. And South Oz’s population is bugger all compared to Sydney or Melbourne. How’s that expensive renewable power bill going ( you know the one that pays for subsidies)

  2. Hopefully all this madness will c ok me to an end soon before the electricity grid collapses and the economy too. It's based on a pyramid of lies… Lies about the engineering effectiveness of renewables; crazy stupidness about what is in the interest of humanity and the planet; crazy lies about the role of CO2 in the earth climate system.

  3. and now it's costing Germans too much as they are expected to pay the losses of the energy companies and should Germany remove its Nuclear power facilities that will also be paid for by the taxpayer rather than the energy companies. https://youtu.be/JM5mvn_JKcQ

  4. For being so smart it seems the Germans have created a nightmare by shuttign down nuclear and now coal and then buying gas from Russia. Expensive energy that kils wioldlife and needs mining to manufacture batteries and solar panles and wind mills. Stupid econiomically and especially environmentaly. Molten salt Thorium nuclear is teh answer. Cheap, ultra cleana and very very safe. Decvelpoing world needs this desperately. Germany needs to lead in this area as teh futer depends on clean, cheap safe power.

  5. Solar is unreliable, expensive and needs lots of energy to manufacture. Not cost effective and pollutes more in mining and manufacture. Stupid.

  6. The only way renewable energy” works for all theses people is Subsidies. All German taxpayers paying for this nonsense.

  7. Do germanys have the government install the solar panels? because in the USA company's that want you to go green with solar panels are greedy. They want you to sign your House as collateral if in case you don't pay your loan on solar panels which is 20,000 and with interest added into the loan its 30,000 minus maybe some 7,000 help from the government. I will never trust a deal like that, always make sure your read the fine print because we didn't knew that til it was almost to late to pull out. dishonest greedy Company's.

  8. The government of germany had to step in and stop renewables from replacing coal and nuclear. The failure lies in the mental health of the ruling class. Forgive the redundancy of poor mental health and ruling class.

  9. This puts too much spin into positive aspects of wind power, barely showing the scale of landscape destruction and wildlife impacts. Germany's 30,000 turbines (and counting) have turned much their countryside and ocean shores into an industrial juggernaut, which fools try to call "beautiful." This video about life among the wind giants is a must-watch: https://www.wind-watch.org/video-germany.php See also: https://youtu.be/wA24uXEz-Ho (windschmerz)

  10. Solar panels in a country at the same latitude as Edmonton, Canada.
    And Germans are renowned for engineering how? Btw, thanks for strip mining the Black Forest for lignite because you switched from nuclear to exorbitantly expensive, intermittent energy sources that can't keep the hospitals open.
    Germany, you're a disgrace. You produced Frederick the Great, Bismarck, Bach, Beethoven, the Autobahn, the V2 rocket, and countless other things, but this?? The Nazi party is nothing compared to how shameful this is.

  11. "One must be the first, then the others come afterwards". What, you FORCE them? Look to Australia's rolling blackouts to see what overreliance on renewables results in. If it has to be subsidized, it's not viable overall in the first place.

  12. In canadas ontario , the cost of " green" electricity has brought down the liberal government , the feds are next!!!

  13. Blue skies smilin' at me
    Nothin' but blue skies do I see !!!
    I suppose that in this town the Sun shines 24/7 365 days a year !!!
    I wonder if 100% of the population are GLOBAL WARMIST ?

  14. Why not biomass. Plant trees and harvest them every five years like crops. But then the 3rd world will have empowered themselves. And the globalists will become irrelevant.

  15. The green tail has wagged Germany for too long…this solar power is heavily subsidized. Germans have to buy power from neighbouring countries to make up the shortfall at night. Nuclear is safe and sensible.

  16. 5500 views how sad, I sell solar in the UK 33 years the market has collapsed, no solar hot water and very little PV. What are our governments doing????

  17. OMG such BS.
    -Claiming renewables have reduced CO2 in emissions in Germany is false… indeterminant, however the closing of the nuclear plants has resulted in new coal plants being opened, and the importing of electricity from other nations to stabilize the gird and to provide power during stretches of calm cloudy days which has increase CO2 output.
    -Claiming how it is such a good thing for many more extra people to be employed in the renewable energy sector. More people being employed in the energy sector means more expensive energy. The goal should be to reduce the proportion of people required in the energy sector.
    -Claiming that renewables are and will be cheaper than nuclear while they omit considering the grid upgrade costs that would be needed to support it, and assume that nuclear cannot be improved, all while fighting for renewable subsidies that they admit cannot go away without the renewables no longer being competitive.

    Yes renewables can be a valuable part of the mix, but if you have to fear monger against nuclear using petitions and misinformation to ensure that favorable support is given to you, support that you cannot live without, then you should really re-evaluate your position.

  18. While Germany thought they were in a big solar revolution, it has turned out to be a wind energy revolution. In 2017 wind generated three times as much electricity as solar.

  19. What happens on dull days when there is no wind? Calling something green does not mean it is better for the planet or the consumer. Without the subsidies they are no longer viable.

  20. Nuclear power stations are not the real problem except for the waste from uranium, it's those running them that are the danger, as soon as financial pressure to economise is applied safety is immediately the first thing to be cut. Vital to bring in independent experts from outside for random assessments until they are finally shut down.

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